Emergency lighting is a battery operated device that turns on automatically when the power supply of a building fails. Emergency lighting provides sufficient illumination to ensure that people in the building are able to evacuate safely.

Do You Need Emergency Lighting?

Self contained emergency lighting systems include various types of luminaires which are wired into the mains and allow the battery support circuit and batteries to be contained within one fitting. This ensures that should the regular lighting supply fail, the emergency lights will illuminate.

The number of fittings you require is often addressed in your fire risk assessment, however we can assist to compile designs to BS5266. A number of our engineers carry the latest edition of electrical qualifications for commercial and industrial installations.

This allows our staff to install one luminaire or a whole system and further permit our team to undertake regular testing and maintenance of existing systems.

Our Range Of Emergency Lighting

We offer bulkhead fittings such as StarLite, metal fittings such as ExitBox and attractive edge-lit fittings such as BladeLite.

For large areas such as warehouses and workshops, our TwinSpot fittings with double tungsten headlights, are ideal.

We also source and fit a full range of exit signs, including plastic, self-adhesive and framed models, for all building types.

Ongoing Servicing Of Emergency Lighting Systems

Our engineers can attend site to perform test and inspections of emergency lighting systems for not only installations that we have undertaken but also for a takeover of works by other suppliers. Our inspections supplement and support the customer undertaking a brief monthly test of the devices.