As we are experiencing great concerns around the recent developments of the COVID-19 within UK; SECOM wanted to reassure our customers and make them aware of the contingency plan and measures that are in place in light of an COVID-19 outbreak within the business.

SECOM Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

SECOM has a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place which is in line with our ISO27001 certification. We have significant investments in technology, software and infrastructure to ensure we can continue to operate the business in a variety of unexpected circumstances. Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented some of these tasks as outlined below:

    • Business Continuity Strategy and Plans
    • COVID-19 Visitor Declaration Form
    • Internal Communication
    • External Communication
    • Awareness and Training
    • Remote or Postpone Meetings
    • Working from Home
    • Work and Non-Work Travel Advice
    • Office and Field provisions
    • Risk Assessments
    • Installation Visit
    • Maintenance Site Visit (PPM)

COVID-19 Visitor Declaration Form

This form has been implemented to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in our community and reduce the risk of exposure to our staff and visitors. By conducting a simple screening questionnaire for all persons visiting SECOM Plc premises it will help us take precautionary measures against potential risk.

Internal Communication

Advice on how to protect our employees is communicated through various channels to advise and provide Links to guidelines and protocols as suggested by PHE, NHS and WHO.  Regular updates and changes are posted on to the company Intranet.

Our current business status remains unchanged and business as usual, however the health and safety of our employees, customers and visitors is our priority and we continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.

External Communication

In the event where our employees are required to self-isolate, we have put measures in place to ensure that the business can still operate as normal and that we continue to provide our services.

SECOM will actively communicate where possible any disruptions associated with CoVid-19 to our customers through our incident communication channels via telephone, website or email.

Awareness and Training

Awareness documents and notifications are distributed as a mandatory read via our company intranet and eLearning platform. All employees will be required to acknowledge the internal document and reporting procedure to confirm adherence to company and government guidelines.

Remote or Postponed Meetings

Senior members of the management team have been advised to postpone large group meetings which may increase the risk level for team members, customers or others within the area, or replace with alternative remote meetings such as video conferencing, GoToMeeting etc. Alternative methods such as video and voice conference facilities are available throughout SECOM as standard.

Working from Home

Large numbers of staff, whose role allows, have been equipped to work from home in accordance with government guidelines. This helps to ensure that we can continue to operate effectively, minimising the risk that significant numbers of staff will be off sick with Covid19 at the same time.

Office and Field provisions

Whilst many staff are working from home at present, SECOM has been working hard making offices Covid19 secure with signage, one way systems (where appropriate), capacity rules for certain areas, provision of hand sanitiser, anti -bacterial soap, alcohol wipes, etc. In this way, we are prepared for when larger numbers of staff return to the offices. We are encouraging and advising good hygiene practices for all field and office staff to help prevent the spread of any infection.

All our engineers have PPE and COVID hygiene packs issued to them. When an engineer does visit your home or business, they will take additional precautions including handwashing or sanitising, before, during and after the appointment. They will always observe safe distancing and we ask that you do the same during the visit. Upon completion of the visit our engineer will ask for a signature from you on his PDA device, if you feel uncomfortable doing this then our engineer with your permission will type your name into the signature box for you.

Work and Non-Work Travel Advice

SECOM has advised employees to only use public transport where necessary and where possible to use alternative methods of travelling and adhere to the local travel restrictions in place. It has been reinforced to all staff that they should not undertake any non-essential business travel.

Non-work-related travel advice is communicated in line with UK government guidelines. All employees have been made aware that SECOM expects their staff to take appropriate precautions if they feel unwell and not attend a shared work location in such instances.

We have advised our engineers to take all necessary precautions whilst travelling. We would ask all customers who currently have project work or planned maintenance visits scheduled to inform us of their own internal Covid-19 policy will affect our Engineers accessing the site.

Our 24/7 Control & Command Centre, National Service Bureau and Remote Service Desk are equipped to work remotely to maintain service.

Risk Assessments

SECOM CoVid19 risk position is regularly reviewed by the business, and applied mitigations are aligned with Government guidelines.

Installation Visit

New installation will be manged by SECOM regional offices. All Secom’s engineers and project managers are advised to follow the government guidelines whilst working on site and adhere to the customers CoVid secure protocols that they have put in place.

Maintenance Site Visit (PPM)

Where a Security System is due for a routine inspection and a SECOM engineer has been scheduled for a visit, to give further reassurance to our customers, our engineer will be in contact on the day of the appointment and will ask if you or anyone in the property: –

• is in self-isolation
• has been diagnosed with COVID-19
• is at high risk.
If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions and feel uncomfortable or concerned, we can reschedule your appointment for another day.


If there are any changes leading up to the visit, it can be cancelled/rescheduled prior or on the day by the customer and SECOM engineer.

Protecting What Matters

SECOM is a global company and we are working hard with other SECOM countries to take best practices from other affected countries. We believe that sharing best practices as a SECOM community will ensure that we are best placed to continue to serve our customer.