Innovative security project brings massive savings
and leads to a safer and more profitable Co-op

...High Risk Stores
...Cameras installed & monitored
...Dedicated SIA
licensed guards
...Response Operators

A return on investment in just
7 months

60% decrease

in violent crimes

40% decrease

in shoplifting

40% decrease

in anti-social behaviour

Control & Command

SECOM's Control & Command Centre employs over 90 highly trained dedicated response operators. The Co-op systems are connected to SECOM servers, which in turn display high-risk sites on a high-tech dynamic video wall, as well as individual operator workstations that allow them to monitor both ISB alerts & video images. Images are viewed in real-time and any of the 20-24 cameras in each store can be selected at random or in response to a Co-op employee pressing an in-store ISB if suspicious activity is observed.

Our Control & Command Centre

Gathering Intelligence

SECOM gathers intelligence on in-store incidents & the behaviour of suspicious shoppers, to identify habitual offenders & collate evidence to enable banning orders to be issued or criminals brought to justice. SECOM has intelligence analysts & a police liaison officer who build up profiles & develop 5x5x5 intelligence reports to be passed to the police. Traditionally, guards were deployed to high risk sites. With this intelligence, they're assigned to cover periods likely to see criminal activity, therefore reducing guarding costs.

Retail Intelligence

CAP Index Software

Using software from CAP Index, Co-op is able to rank the security risk of each of its stores. This provides a statistical basis for selecting the sites most in need of additional security and, therefore, apportion the security budget efficiently. IPCCTV systems are deployed where the CAP Index rating is high enough to provide a business case. To date, 450 higher risk stores have been identified & have been fitted with integrated IPCCTV systems & over 9,000 IP cameras.

Kingdom Manned Guards

Kingdom provide specialist security personnel and manned guarding services. SECOM's intelligence gathering activity helps to identify times when risk levels are increased. This allows fine-tuning of the guarding roster to ensure the most cost-effective deployment of guards, who provide a physical deterrent to support store personnel. Guarding effectiveness can be increased further using electronic intelligence through SECOM's 'Rogues' alerts, which can be sent direct to guards (and store managers') mobile phones.

Security Project Partners

The new security partnering project involved both the Co-op's food division and its head office, along with the security suppliers. After extensive trials, the security system is now operating in 450 stores.
Overall benefit to the Co-op of its growing focus on security is reckoned at many millions - this includes savings on guarding, leakage, reactive maintenance, ad hoc security spend, litigation costs and security premiums. Due to the success of this project, the Co-op plans to roll out the system to another 190 stores by the end of 2017.

CAP Index
CAP Index


Electronic security solutions provider, The Secom Control & Command Centre is a world-class Alarm Receiving Centre and Remote Video Response Centre based in Kenley, Surrey, from which Secom employ over 90 highly trained dedicated response operators. The Co-op systems are connected to SECOM servers, which in turn display high-risk sites on a high-tech dynamic video wall, as well as indivudal operator workstations that allow them to monitor both ISB alerts & video images simultaneously.


CAP Index

CAP Index CRIMECAST reporting system allows for intelligent crime risk-related decision making and planning. Using the specific site location, CRIMECAST evaluates the risk of a portfolio of sites and provides the intelligence needed to make smart business decisions.



Kingdom are a national security supplier with 20+ years experience supplying manned guarding to an impressive list of customers. Their dedicated retail division works with key partners to reduce shrinkage and provide a return on investment.



ROGUES is a new layer added to the intelligence-led security service SECOM has been pioneering alongside the rollout of IPCCTV technology to 450 ‘high risk’ stores among Co-op’s 2,800 sites across the UK. Analysis of incidents recorded via the network of 9,000 in-store Co-op cameras yields vital intelligence on the offenders – and provides photographic evidence of their appearance and ‘shopping’ habits. For example, some are known to visit two or more stores in relatively close proximity in a regular pattern. So some incidents can be predicted with a good degree of accuracy.

Mobile & Portable video solutions

When a repeat offender is identified, SECOM operators can use ROGUES to transmit the ’today’ image via a smartphone app to alert the guards or managers at the next stores on the offender’s usual route. They are thus better placed to play a greater deterrent role. Significantly, ROGUES – together with evidence of incidents – allows SECOM to pass comprehensive intelligence reports to police for further action. With police resources stretched in many areas, these reports are regarded as a positive contribution to crime reduction with minimal call on police time.

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