Innovative security project brings massive savings
and leads to a safer and more profitable Co-op

Intelligence led approach delivering tangible results

120 arrests made

over 12 month period

Over 40 years

of custodial sentences

Over 800 crimes reported

with 100% conviction rate

Control & Command

SECOM's Control & Command Centre employs over 90 highly trained dedicated response operators. The Co-op systems are connected to SECOM servers, which in turn display high-risk sites on a high-tech dynamic video wall, as well as individual operator workstations that allow them to monitor both ISB alerts & video images. Images are viewed in real-time and any of the 20-24 cameras in each store can be selected at random or in response to a Co-op employee pressing an in-store ISB if suspicious activity is observed.

Our Control & Command Centre

Gathering Intelligence

SECOM gathers intelligence on in-store incidents & the behaviour of suspicious shoppers, to identify habitual offenders & collate evidence to enable banning orders to be issued or criminals brought to justice. SECOM has intelligence analysts & investigators who build up profiles & develop intelligence reports to be passed to the police. Traditionally, guards were deployed to high risk sites. With this intelligence, they're assigned to cover periods likely to see criminal activity, therefore reducing guarding costs.

Retail Intelligence


ROGUES is a new layer added to the intelligence-led security service SECOM has been pioneering alongside the rollout of IPCCTV technology to over 600 ‘high risk’ stores among Co-op’s 2,800 sites across the UK. Analysis of incidents recorded via the network of 9,000 in-store Co-op cameras yields vital intelligence on the offenders – and provides photographic evidence of their appearance and ‘shopping’ habits. For example, some are known to visit two or more stores in relatively close proximity in a regular pattern. So some incidents can be predicted with a good degree of accuracy.

Mobile & Portable video solutions

When a repeat offender is identified, SECOM operators can use ROGUES to transmit the ’today’ image via a smartphone app to alert the guards or managers at the next stores on the offender’s usual route. They are thus better placed to play a greater deterrent role. Significantly, ROGUES – together with evidence of incidents – allows SECOM to pass comprehensive intelligence reports to police for further action. With police resources stretched in many areas, these reports are regarded as a positive contribution to crime reduction with minimal call on police time.

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Working together to achieve a
safer Co-op

Our security partnership with the Co-op makes security and safety easy for all involved.

Police Officer, South Yorkshire
Police Officer, South Yorkshire
Area Manager, East of England
Area Manager, East of England
Store Manager, Central London
Store Manager, Central London

Police Officer, South Yorkshire

"This process has resulted in significant prison sentences on several offenders and we are hopeful of getting these on further three suspects who are currently wanted.

It saves my team and I significant time now that you are providing us with full, edited CCTV continuity of offences which we can download and present to suspects for interview and at the subsequent court date, and of course providing statements of complaint."

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Area Manager, East of England

"SECOM are an incredible asset to us and really help drive home the message that the COOP is looking after its colleagues particularly around colleague safety and even more relevant now with our safer colleagues, safer communities campaign."

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Store Manager, Central London

"Working with the Control & Command centre, my team have managed to actively target a repeat offender, and deter her from committing further offences.

As soon as she was spotted, the SECOM team made a live announcement to let her know she was under surveillance, which led to her removing the items from her handbag, and leaving the store immediately "

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