Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV surveillance cameras utilise network infrastructure to transmit, distribute, record and display video images, as opposed to traditional analogue cameras which utilise co-axial cable to distribute video.

One of the main advantages of IP CCTV over analogue is the increase in resolution that is available. For instance, a 2 megapixel camera has resolution equivalent to that of 1080p HD TV, which is 5x the resolution achievable with an analogue camera. This gives huge benefits to the suitability of the video particularly for evidential purpose. The video data is recorded in a format which makes it suitable for local and remote viewing on PC’s, smart phones and tablets.

Recording Options

There are several ways to record IP video. Images can record centrally on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or locally, at the camera, on an on-board SD card. The NVR solution is more widely used for business solutions as it generally offers greater storage capacity allowing images to be stored for longer periods before being overwritten, and more varied programmable options.

The SD card solution is generally for use in domestic and smaller commercial type systems, and for covert applications.

Do I need to involve IT?

IP cameras and Network Video Recorders use the same network protocols as other IT equipment such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and printers etc. and can work over your existing network infrastructure. In such circumstances, we would need to work closely with your IT department throughout the initial set-up period.

You will only need to involve your IT department when your requirement is for the IP CCTV system to work over your existing IT network. SECOM design IP CCTV systems that work over customers’ existing IT networks or as stand-alone systems working over their own independent networks. In the case of the latter, SECOM can install the network cabling. In some situations where you have an existing analogue CCTV system, we can utilise the existing coax cables and convert them to work with IP cameras, thus providing a cost saving.


As an NSI member, you can be confident all SECOM CCTV systems and equipment meet the latest industry standards. This NSI short documentary presents the integral role that security has in the effective management of facilities.

Featured in the Video is the ExCel Centre and SECOM are proud to protect this prestigious facility with CCTV systems that provide full coverage of the facility’s expanded public and private areas. *Video from NSI – produced by ITN productions.