Whether it is suspicious activity inside or outside of your property that is causing concern, CCTV systems provided and managed by SECOM will not only act as a deterrent, but also provide vital evidence when it comes to the prosecution of any offenders captured on the high-quality video feed.

SECOM's CCTV Packages

We have a selection of CCTV packages for you to choose from or one of our experienced security consultants can meet with you and design a system based on your individual business needs. Whatever is your preferred method you can rest assured we have the right solution for you.

Whether you choose one of our packages or a bespoke design, your system will incorporate high quality equipment installed to the highest standard by our fully qualified engineering team. For your peace of mind, you can select one of our service plans designed to keep your system functioning and ready to capture that critical event.

Dome & Low-Light CCTV Cameras

Our discreet dome CCTV cameras can be manually or automatically controlled and offer functions such as auto focus, 360 degrees coverage with the ability to switch views rapidly. There is a choice of fixed view and fully functional (multi-view) format cameras, which come in internal, weatherproof, and vandal resistant versions. Our extensive range includes monochrome cameras, colour cameras and colour cameras that switch to monochrome in low light conditions.

Good ambient lighting levels, particularly at night, are critical in order to achieve high quality images whether you wish to view them in real-time on a monitor or store them on a hard drive for future reference. In situations where the ambient light levels are poor, we can install optional infrared lighting to produce monochrome images.

CCTV - Why Choose SECOM

As an NSI member, you can be confident all SECOM CCTV systems and equipment meet the latest industry standards. This NSI short documentary presents the integral role that security has in the effective management of facilities.

Featured in the Video is the ExCel Centre and SECOM are proud to protect this prestigious facility with CCTV systems that provide full coverage of the facility’s expanded public and private areas. *Video from NSI – produced by ITN productions.