Established in Japan in 1962, SECOM have a rich history of leading innovative security and safety technologies, affording peace of mind, comfort and convenience to our customers across the globe.

Our Care Technology Services aim to continue with this core philosophy, with the goal of providing the latest technological solutions to everyone – creating safer independent living environments for individuals, as well as safer, more efficient working environments for Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Commercial and Retail establishments.

The importance of technology enabled care

Next-generation telecare systems are technologically advanced and can automatically trigger an alarm; for instance, if the user leaves home at an unexpected time, has a fall, or forgets to take their medication.

The ongoing digitalisation of telephone networks in the UK will require massive replacements of PSTN-based (copper wire) telecare systems in the coming years. At the same time, there is rising interest in new types of tech solutions that enable social care and healthcare services to be delivered more efficiently.

A carefully planned Technology Enabled Care package can lead to greater independence, choice, and empowerment for the individual, effective services affording peace of mind for concerned relatives, as well as significant cost savings for families, healthcare, housing and social care users.


We’ve been a leading name in security solutions for nearly 30 years, providing experience and professionalism at all times. We are a name that you can trust wholeheartedly – our team of experts are always on hand to answer your questions and provide support during what can sometimes be a difficult and stressful process.

SECOM engineers are some of the best trained in the country, and will do their utmost to make installation and maintenance of any Care Technology system as quick and easy as possible, so as not to disturb your or your elderly loved one’s routine.