Aviva Partner

SECOM Plc is proud to be an Aviva specialist partner

Over the years SECOM has built a very strong specialist partnership with Aviva and are pleased to be able to offer Aviva’s valued customers new innovative solutions to help “get back-to-business” and provide a safe environment for both staff and customers during these difficult times. Everyone has made enormous adjustments to their regular practices to meet social distancing and safety regulations, and at SECOM, we have redeployed our existing technologies and resources to help make these adjustments easier for you.

We have introduced innovative systems that allow you to monitor the capacity of your business, how many people are inside it, as well as technologies that provide elevated temperature screening and relevant customer & staff audio announcements. These all offer an extra level of protection, helping you to deliver safer social distancing and screening measures. We are pleased to support Aviva customers by offering a 10% discount off our new range of back-to-business innovations.

To help navigate the obstacles ahead, we have put together a guide, delving deeper in to the challenges faced, and how to get ready to once again, welcome customers and staff back to your business, a copy of this guide can be downloaded here.

We are proud to support Aviva and their customers as a specialist partner during this challenging period.

Also don’t forget that as one of Aviva’s valued customers substantial discounts are also available on our traditional products and services, such as 15% off Intruder alarm security, 12.5% off CCTV systems and 10% off our physical security such as shutters, grilles and gates.