If you are required to deal with a large number of deliveries or external visitors, you may wish to utilise a video door entry system, which will provide high-resolution images of the entrance to your premises.

High-Quality Pictures

While the earliest door entry systems relied on audio as the only way to determine who was seeking access, video solutions represented a significant leap forward. However, the technology utilised in the majority of cases produced grainy, unclear images that served little more function than to vaguely determine whether the person requesting entry was indeed a human.

This is where SECOM’s offerings make a massive change to the home security landscape, providing you with a crystal-clear videolink covering your doorway. And because they conform with IP44 standards, you can be sure of perfect images whatever the weather.


Two-Way Audio

In addition to the video pictures, visitors can also identify themselves using the audio link. Though a standard feature for door entry solutions, our systems provide two-way functionality, an invaluable improvement.

This means the person requesting entry can hear you, as well as you being able to hear them. As a result, you can ask questions of uninvited guests before deciding whether to permit them entry, or tell a visitor to wait outside.


SECOM Access Control Systems not only provide effective security for your business but are flexible and easy to use. Speak to us today about customising an alarm system to your needs and start protecting your business today.

SECOM Access Control Systems

At SECOM, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate solution for your needs and if you require full control over who has access to your property – or certain areas of it – we will work with you to develop the perfect system, utilising biometric, PIN or proximity readers when and where necessary.