SECOM’s commercial access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorised personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft. From simple one-door systems installed as part of your intruder alarm system to multi-site systems controlled via one intutative Graphical User Interface (GUI), SECOM’s experienced designers can guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Easy To Use Access Control And Electronic Locks

We work with you to design the best access control system for your business whether you need to control access to a single door or to an entire building. We’ll also train you and your staff fully in the use of the access control equipment so you can manage your system easily.

We can also advise you on the best electronic locks for your business needs and fully integrate them with your company’s access control equipment.

Ranging from concealed electronic locks to surface versions, our standard release strikes and electro-magnetic locks are compatible with all conventional intercom and access control systems.


As one of the UK’s largest electronic security companies, we provide the protection that keeps a significant number of the country’s large and small businesses operational and on a walk down any high street you’ll see that some of the nation’s largest brands trust SECOM to provide this service.

Our core aim is to provide incredible service, as well as cost-effective, reliable security solutions. Furthermore, all our intruder systems are monitored by our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Plus, we never stop looking for new ways to improve security and are continually seeking out new solutions, which is why we’re ranked as one of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Control is a way of controlling and regulating who has access to a building, when they have access and where they have access to.  A SECOM access control system will help to create a safer environment for your building, reduce walk-in thefts, and discourages uninvited visitors. It will protect your building whilst controlling and recording the movement of staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.

We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single door standalone systems and multi-door, on-line, pc based systems including pin/fob/card readers, biometric readers, wristbands and even smartphone technology. These can vary in technology making them as basic or advanced as you want. We have a solution to suit your business needs and one of our experienced security will help design a system to meet your specific requirement.

By having an access control system you will have peace of mind that your premises is safe and secure and that only authorised personnel have access. You will be able to monitor who is coming in and out of the building and can disable any cards or fobs that get lost, stolen or if a key holder no longer needs access to the premises meaning that access can be restricted straight away without having to worry about physical keys being handed back in.

Our Access Control systems can be used wherever you need them, door and gates, garages and even lifts. And it doesn’t have to be installed on just one door, access control can be used for all entry points. There’s also Automatic Number Plate Recognition for access to car parks or building premises and we even offer electronic car charging systems where your identification card can be used to access the charger.

Yes, your system can cover as little or as many premises as needed.

The levels of access are completely customisable to your needs. We can work with you to create the access system that works for you.

Again, the amount of people stored on the system is customisable to you and what you need. Depending on what you need, we can offer you a system that stores just a few people or thousands of people.

A biometric reader is one that can uniquely identify a person using biological traits, for example and hand or finger print or facial recognition. Biometric readers help to increase safety and security as the profile scan will need to match the electronic profile stored on the database.

Yes, we can either provide you with a printing kit or we can print them for you as well as providing lanyards and badge holders. The cards can be as basic or advanced as you want and can offer different types of technology for different kinds of access or even to be used as cash cards.

Your access control system will have a battery backup for all readers and locks so that if there is a power cut they can still be used for (amount of time inserted here). You will also still be able to use normal manual keys to access your premises.

Should you lose a card/fob/wristband, your system administrator will be able to disable the access so that it can no longer be used with your access control system unless it is reactivated by the administrator.

This can either be done locally by your system administrator or if your services are managed by SECOM we can reset these for you.

If you experience any problems, please contact our Service & Maintenance line on 0800 023 4832 where an operator will be able to assist 24/7. You can have your system managed either locally or we can manage them for you, with our Online Diagnostics we can remotely help and fix any problems  you may have so that you don’t have to worry about it. We can also provide any reports or auditing you may need.