SECOM plc is a market-leading provider of tailored security and fire systems to UK homes, large and small businesses, major high street brands, the financial sector, police and other strategic service providers.

The company is a pioneer of intelligence-based security solutions – a significant advance in the fight against retail crime.

Part of a global security organisation operating at many levels, SECOM plc is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, a key contributor to the company’s growth.

SECOM’s roots in the UK go back to 1918, when the family-owned Lodge Lock and Safe Company began providing security solutions. Growth and acquisitions led to its re-emergence as the Carroll Security Group – a major independent electronic security company. In 1991, Carroll was acquired by SECOM Co Ltd of Japan.

Through technological innovation and exemplary service, SECOM provides security solutions

The SECOM Group employs over 53,000 people in nearly 2,800 locations worldwide, with operations in twelve countries, assets exceeding £7.5 billion and an annual turnover of £4.4 billion from nearly 2.7 million customers. .

Through our technological innovation and exemplary service, SECOM’s aim is to provide high-quality, cost-conscious, reliable security solutions and a rapid response service, enabling you to protect your assets.