While SECOM offers top-of-the range electronic security solutions some businesses may require additional integrated physical protection. SECOM’s physical protection can be seen on many high streets as well as, office buildings, schools and hospitals up an down the country.

SECOM Physical Protection Solutions

SECOM’s Physical Division based in Maidstone, Kent are able to provide a wide range of external and internal physical made-to-measure solutions, which are tailor-made to suit and can be installed throughout the UK.

When utilised as part of a wholly-integrated security solution, our products protect buildings and equipment from robbery, vandalism, ram-raids and even gun violence.

Our robust offerings are developed from in-house designs, which are manufactured and installed as part of a bespoke, made-to-measure process.


As one of the UK’s largest electronic security companies, we provide the protection that keeps a significant number of the country’s large and small businesses operational and on a walk down any high street you’ll see that some of the nation’s largest brands trust SECOM to provide this service.

Our core aim is to provide incredible service, as well as cost-effective, reliable security solutions. Furthermore, all our intruder systems are monitored by our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Plus, we never stop looking for new ways to improve security and are continually seeking out new solutions, which is why we’re ranked as one of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

Physical Security For All Sectors

SECOM has extensive experience in advising businesses and public sector clients on the level of safety and security their premises require, basing this judgement on the potential threats against the building, employees or equipment.

The final security solution may comprise physical protection elements such as roller shutters, anti-ram posts, security fencing, collapsible gates and grilles – including American Portcullis and Internal Collapsible varieties.